Friday, December 21, 2012

Silver Cherry

For a final project in class, we were asked to make a logo for a fake band. We chose a name given to us, develop the type of music they would play, the type of person who would listen to it, then the logo, extras, buses, cds, and shirts.

I went through a lot of sketches and font choices before coming up with the finals:

From there it went to more finalized logo:

Then I used my logos in t-shirt designs, CD designs and bus designs:


A group I'm in decided to do a Pokemon based project and people signed up for a certain Pokemon they wanted. I chose Cubone, which can be seen below.

From there I drew a quick sketch of a more humanoid version of Cubone.

I took the sketch into Illustrator and cleaned up the lines, added in some color, gradients and textures and here is the final images.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Have a Casper

Baraboo, Wisconsin

A process to making an event ticket for Baraboo, Wisconsin's Great Circus Parade.

Cultural Motif

BBE Boxing Equipment

For another project, I had to advertise BBE boxing equipment to a different audience than the ones they normally advertise to. I had to advertise BBE to middle school to high school students who are under stress from daily life and want to take their stress out in a healthy way.

My sketches:

After changes, choosing fonts and a color palette and creating more creative ways on advertising to the younger generation, I ended up with this:

The Pilo Family Circus

For a class project of mine, we had to redesign a book cover, spine and if we wished to a back, and the first two pages. I chose The Pilo Family Circus. Below are the variants of the cover of The Pilo Family Circus followed by my sketches for my other versions.

This is the final produce after multiple changes and molding together of other ideas:

Process and finals for Tourism

My thought process in creating ideas for the tourism project to advertise Hammondsport, New York:


Final products for tourism project: