Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Black and White

Black and white rough sketches

Victorian inspired

Victorian-inspired attire worn by my OC Casper.


I didn't know how much I progressed until I redrew that horrid picture.

Making a house

The first three images depict the foundation and walls for the house.

The house fully done and put in its setting.

The spiral staircase.

Character development

Original concept drawings for main character and sidekick: Montgomery and Sunshine.

Turn arounds for Montgomery and Sunshine.

Facial Expressions.

Action poses.

Vignette and composite board.

Classroom Experiment

A simple illustration about an event in everyday high school, which was doing experiments in chemistry class. 

Butterflies in the Night

Catalyst image used to pick thirty-six colors to be used in an original illustration.

The image on the left is the illustration I made choosing one of the palette choices.
The image on the right is the original palette starting with the main swatches then transforming into three different swatches that revolved around cool colors, warm colors and the purple color.

Up close images of the palette. 

Egypt and Greek inspired.

First project of the second semester.
It revolves around Egyptian and Greek art, using shapes and colors. Then mixing the two together in the middle. Anyways, the exercise was to show my class how colors work against or around other colors. The first two blocks represent how the purple looks darker surrounded by the cream color, but lighter surrounded by the dark color. The second set of colors were analogous colors and showed how chromatic or muted the middle color is supposed to be and the last two blocks show how the green looks more blue surrounded by the yellow and more yellow surrounded by the blue. The real objective was to make the colors look different according to where they were placed and the closeness they are to those colors.


This was by far my favorite project. I took my own photo, which is here:

From this picture, I had a limited palette to work with, which was muted colors of alizarin crimson, burnt sienna, payne's gray, and this midnight blue color. The second took the colors and made the foreground brighter and the middle and background faded using a limited palette and the very last was digital, once again with a limited palette, and I had to use various shapes to describe the foreground, middle and background.  

Lanterns and City Scape

Above is a project I had to do for my first semester of painting. This project was done with acrylic paint- which is challenging to paint with on your first try, but gets easier as you use it more and more. Anyways, the project had to do with the sense of light and dark and the progression from realism to imaginative and they had to connect in some way.


I enjoyed doing the second project with acrylic. The class had to take their own pictures, paint them in gray scale then choose a color scheme to glaze over the gray scale. It was fun, but also difficult since I had to redo a few things quite a few times.

Oil Paintings

First semester of painting, I did two oil paintings. The painting on the left was the first oil painting I ever did in my life span. The second was more warm color oriented on a cooler background. I had fun painting the flowers and experimenting with color than the first since I was still apprehensive about using oils. 

Second semester of painting was a little more challenging involving a live model and metallic objects. Flesh tones are one of the most hardest tones to mix, you don't want too much purple in the shadows and too much yellow in the light unless you want the model to look sickly. Metallic objects were just fun in general, I just used a bunch of shapes and half blended them together, I also got to use a lot of different colors.

Body Studies

These sketches vary in time lengths, but are all the same guy.

The same goes for these different sketches, they vary in time lengths, but the top two are the same people and the one on the bottom is a different person and more done in a vector or boxy to figure out the angles in the body.

I had very few female models come to drawing class, but I loved the shape of her body, it was different than what I am used to drawing.

BONUS: Leg studies. I love drawing legs and feet.