Friday, December 21, 2012

Silver Cherry

For a final project in class, we were asked to make a logo for a fake band. We chose a name given to us, develop the type of music they would play, the type of person who would listen to it, then the logo, extras, buses, cds, and shirts.

I went through a lot of sketches and font choices before coming up with the finals:

From there it went to more finalized logo:

Then I used my logos in t-shirt designs, CD designs and bus designs:


A group I'm in decided to do a Pokemon based project and people signed up for a certain Pokemon they wanted. I chose Cubone, which can be seen below.

From there I drew a quick sketch of a more humanoid version of Cubone.

I took the sketch into Illustrator and cleaned up the lines, added in some color, gradients and textures and here is the final images.