Monday, December 23, 2013

Commercial figure drawing

I have plenty more from my figure drawing sketchbook that I need to scan in, but that will have to wait once i go back to school. For now, here are just some of the pages from my sketchbook and some of the class work I have done. 

Until next time.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Scribble challenge!

I decided to participate in a scribble challenge. At first I didn't know which scribble to pick (from three) until Cell Block Tango from Chicago came on. I stared at the third scribble and it came to me. Why not draw two characters dancing? Below you can see the finished doodle with and without the scribble and then the scribble I used below the two.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Really, really late Halloween

I am really behind in seasonal pictures, so let me begin by saying sorry, then we can progress along. I decided to go a different route and didn't use Photoshop like I usually do and instead used Illustrator. I love doing vector and graphic images more so than I actually show and using Illustrator is like a wonderful dream where every line or shape is nice and clean, everything looks sleek and chic and I don't have to zoom in just to erase stray lines.

The character below, Ambroise or Ambrose (another character seen in some posts back) is a vampire and I naturally thought of showing him a little love and doing a picture of him in a somewhat stereotypical "vampire-ish" way. Instead, it ended up what is looks like below. He's still wearing the cape and his fangs are poking out and he looks gorgeous. Check, check, and check off the vampire list, but he isn't in much of a dramatic pose or being bathed in moonlight... at least he is still pretty, yes?

More to come! Until next time~

Just some sweetness for your day~!

As the title explains, just some friendly sweetness to brighten (at least I hope so) anyone's day. Below is a picture I drew of my character and another character named Vexen (he's from the Kingdom Hearts franchise and is owned by SquareEnix, plus there needs to be a little more Vexen love). Anyways, here is the process I usually go through: a rough sketch, lining, then solid color with some blush to add in cuteness. Pretty simple process, huh?

Well, short story long I'm in a role play group, where I basically play Axel and one of my other friends plays Vexen. There are other people as well, but you know just going to focus on these little cuties depicted below. Through a long and arduous journey, my OC named Casper (some of you may have seen him before in other posts) befriends my friends version of Vexen and now they are best friends for life. I would type more about their relationship and how it developed... but that would take too long and I would probably end up writing a novel just to explain everything.

Sorry for not posting regularly, but school work has just beginning to get serious.

More is in the working and until next time~

Oh! Just for a little extra:

Just a little something to add into the cuteness. Another picture of Casper in a large sweater and scarf! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bella Regina

Update on the Bella Regina picture. Now that she is in color, her skin is a dusky gray gold color, her blood also is more on the yellow-gold color. She even has some darker gold in her hair. Her eyes are a dark blue (both of them)... Can you tell what her favorite color is?

And for the excessive pink, that is her husband's favorite color. 

I have more to post! Until then~

Friday, October 11, 2013

Character Galores!

Holy moley, look at all the characters!

These characters are still under some construction and development, like the bottom four (Sanctuary and the triplets). Others have been posed on here before and they, once again, went under major change like Kioren, Kayden, and Aza, who can be found below.


See? Kayden (up in the left corner), Kioren right under him and Aza being the half-body bust. The other two characters, Lucifer and Apollo, haven't been shown on here before, but I believe they were mentioned.

Kayden hasn't changed much besides his color scheme switched to candy-canes. Kioren is more of a rectangle and pumpkin-tastic and Aza is, well, more heart shaped and cherry red. Everything about Aza is a heart, including his hair, rib-cage and face.



As mentioned before, Sanctuary (I have to scan in her new picture) and the triplets went under MAJOR construction including the once Belle Fleur now turned Bella Regina. 

As of late, I have been designing my characters off of food, objects, animals, basically anything I get inspiration from. Bella has shifted to being based off of spiders and their big butts (I know it is their abdomen, but I didn't want her looking pregnant, so it went to the butt). She has a tiny rib-cage and large hips, opposed to having more moderate sized rib-cage and moderate sized butt.

Not to forget, spider webs are incorporated into everything she wears. 

Also, I will post a little preview of her walk cycle when I have the chance. 

More posts are in the making! 

Self- Branding.

For one last project in my Ad Graph class some months ago, I was to brand myself; have a logo, business card, a leave-behind, even a website if I ever developed one.
The logo is of myself and made entirely of warm colors, the only color exception is the blue for my eyes. At first, I tried to go in a more sophisticated route, but I wouldn't say I'm sophisticated to just have my initials or to just have some symbol that doesn't really say me. 

The same warm colors, plus some cools, carry through with the rest of the branding.

Business card (the facebook and gmail do not exist).



And finally the website (if I ever had one). Above is actually the sequence in how things would appear: at first the only thing anyone would see if the upper half of my logo. If the mouse cursor moves, my eyes will follow it and my eyes will blink. Once my nose is clicked on, my hair will poof out to reveal the welcome as well as the links that show my portfolio, character designs, resume and contact information. If, lets say, the portfolio button was clicked, the eyes would close with a pleased expression before a zoomed out version of me would slide out to reveal more buttons that would hold little previews. Once a button would be clicked, the image would appear at its full view. To leave the viewing mode, click on the outside of the image preview and it will go back to the portfolio screen. At the top, it shows a home button to go back to the main screen and another button to show where the person is. 

Well, that is my self-branding. 

More posts will be coming soon.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


As promised, here is the original drawing that inspired the banner. Her name is Lalita, a very old sorceress who has been through plenty of rough times to get to where she is now.

I based her colors off of the sunsets and all their bright and saturated glory. To her, sunsets are a sign of hope and a sign of a new night leading to another day. The colors, to her, fill her with warmth and happiness when she usually feels empty and cold.

The design was, also, inspired by a stained glass window.

Posting update!

So... I haven't posted anything for a long, long, long time and I feel horrible about it. However, I am back in college and should be able to post up assignments I have done. For the first post back, I will be showing my character line of action sheet featuring Casper.

In animation, animators use line of action to build a pose. Line of action, as defined, is a line that runs through the entire pose, which captures the essence of the whole pose. The line of action helps make the pose organic and flowing.

If no one remembers the cute and loveable vampire, this is what he looks like:

The character line of action sheet consists of Casper in a variety of poses that push the extent of the human body.

The line of action can be seen in the color red and the body is drawn around it. The more exaggerated the line of action, the more exaggerated the pose. 

Oh! On the other note, my blog has gone through some changes, I'll post the original image shown in the banner.

More will come later, until then see you all next time~!

Sunday, June 30, 2013


There has been and undergo of big change for many of my characters, including Kayden, Aza, and Kioren. As previously seen, Kioren won't have much change to him except to make him a little more on the orange side as in his skin tone. Aza will be the embodiment of everything that is red due to his love for the color and his love of anything hearts. As such, he will take on more reds, even his skin will be red and I mean red- red.

Kayden, as seen above, has taken more of a "candy-ish" appearance, meaning his change from being human to a Memitim (or Angel of Death). From his candy-apple red hair to his pink skin and even his red freckles give him an almost artificial look. When he was human he had cinnamon brown skin, dark red-brown hair and dark freckles and the sudden change of appearance lead him to look like the way he does. 


The younger brother of Kioren and the ultimate Queen.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Have a Kioren!

Colorful sketchbook!

They Cook and Draw entry

For a class assignment (before school ended some time ago), I had to do a recipe for a website called I chose a recipe my mother used to make for my brother and I when I was younger. It was her version of Dirt Pudding. It was like diabetes in a red pail, but it was soooooooooo goood! 

Below is the progress from when I started to when I ended.

I really want some Dirt Pudding now.

Jacques Book: UPDATE!

This is an update from the previous pose of Jacques book. The text changed quite a bit and more information was added.