Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Assignment- Menagerie Idea one

For the first project of the semester, my class and I have two choices: figure as a landscape or menagerie. I chose menagerie and with that choice I have two ideas I wish to tackle. 

A menagerie is a place where (exotic) animals are kept or a diverse collection of miscellaneous objects.

Anyways, for my first idea I wanted to go with three characters and their unique clothing taste, however their clothing choices will not be fully known out in the open. Instead, their dresser or closet will describe the type of person they are and what might influence their choice of clothing. The three characters I have developed over the past year and are, in fact, those of the supernatural. Kayden, the man in the upper left hand corner is a demon who lives beneath the sea with his husband while his two sons, on the right, Kioren and Azarael, live with their spouses. From father to children, they all have distinct styles that set them apart.

For the character styles, I went for an artist that goes by the name of Leppu, some of her art can be seen here:


I truly love her unique style, combining harsh lines with soft curved lines bring her characters to a whole new light and I wished to take that from her as well as the exaggeration of different parts of the face, such as the nose or mouth, or the body like the legs or torso. 

I also looked at numerous dressers and closets, but here are the ones that really inspired my designs:

The top mainly was the design for Kayden's dresser, the middle helped with Kioren's first design and the closet below helped with Azarael's full closet design. In later development, each character will be seen next to their dresser or in their closet with clothes that match their personality. This will really help me in developing their environments. The surroundings and furniture will enhance the character as well as push more personality into the room.

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