Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hello Design 4 Media!

Hello everyone! It's a new semester for me at CCAD and that means a new class. From here on out you, my lovely followers, will see some projects of mine from this class and some others as well as my little doodles~

Anyways, I never told you much about me. My name is Makaylee Wetzel and I am an illustrator-in-training. I love working with characters- their looks, personalities and fashion and wish to use them in any type of media I can.

My favorite color is purple (I hope that is obvious), I love cats and even have a fluffy orange tabby named Baxter (our hair colors match~!) and love anything that is shiny and sparkly. I go by a variety of nicknames, the major one being Shmiley.

Well, I hope the lovely lot of you have a wonderful day, feel free to browse my blog and even leave a comment if you wish!


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