Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Edit! Menagerie: Color Palettes- Dressers

Another update as well as a large edit on the Menagerie project, this time I had to pick a color palette that would fit well with the characters for the dressers and the teacup designs. These color palettes could be the beginning of a more in depth color palette that will come along once I choose one menagerie and narrow down the color palette to one and make a final triptych illustration.

As you can see below, I had a large amount of fun just testing out different color combinations for all of the characters and with that fun came variety of combination that I narrowed down to just four.

So, the first is Kayden:

Kayden is very bright, very colorful and loves color in general. He is the type of guy who's colors reflect his personality and how he acts- which is flamboyant and lively, as you may notice with the colors. Being flamboyant in nature, he tends to lean towards more of the brighter, saturated, eye-burning, BOLD colors some may not go for, especially some of his children. He's not really afraid to flounce around in a bright magenta shirt, deep purple pants and mint shoes. He just doesn't care, he chooses what he likes and will flaunt it. That's just the way he is. So, dresser one or possibly three would be something he would go for. The dresser in general should really tell more about him and his eccentric personality and tastes.

 The colors were inspired by leppu's watercolor (click on the picture) seen below:

This picture I absolutely adore. Generally just how cocky the male character looks compared to how the girl looks so disinterested in everything that is happening and is probably going along with it to keep him happy. I also love how well the details are in the dress and the way the dress and the girl's hair moves to show movement- something I am still working on in my drawings. But, the main attraction is the vibrant and bold colors, the same bright and bold colors Kayden is attracted to, especially that green on the girls dress. the blue of the man's coat, the man's hair, and the reds reappearing through the piece.

On to Kioren, the eldest son, is more of a serious type and tends to love the same value of color or just a strict few colors in general. 

Kioren, as stated before, he's more of the serious, level-headed, quiet type. He's basically the kid sitting in the library everyday reading a book in the corner or he's the typical "geek". Anyhow, Kioren does share one common factor with his father and that is the love for the color purple. Purple is the color that best describes him and his mood on any given day and, since his colors really interact and intertwine with his personality, he tends to stay with monotone variants of a color with only small pops of another color. However, in the dressers there is the color yellow. That pop of yellow serves as a break as well as a symbol. The color yellow reminds him of his dearest beloved, the only person he truly can ever love and would do anything if his love ever needed him. So, having that one color really hits home for him.

 The colors came from another of leppu's watercolors:

This picture exemplifies the monotone color of purple with the pops of magenta, the light gray purple and the color yellow in the girls eyes. The picture in and of itself is creepy in the fact that she, the only living or partially alive being is surrounding by all of these locked jawed masks and puppets, giving them a certain "liveliness" without truly being alive. Their expressions are forever frozen in place and will never move. Kioren is basically that girl, he feels that he is constantly surrounded by death, despair and sadness. His only way out of the desolate world is the love of his life, his only hope of feeling happiness, and more importantly feeling alive.

And last, Aza... Azarael is... well, a very lustful and sensual character with a heart of gold. Passionate, fierce, and all around sassy, his colors are more on the warmer side of the spectrum. The warmer colors represent his undying passion for life and love. He also has a very loving attraction to the Victorian Era for their various use of lace and patterning, which could be said that Aza is more in tune with his inner femininity. Hearts, lace and pattern. Three words to really describe Aza's closet and overall personality. 

And the colors came from, once again, leppu's watercolor below:

I was mainly attracted to this picture because of the large use of warm colors: mainly the various amounts of red, red-orange and red-violet. Not only that, but the woman in the picture reminds me of something he would wear around his home on any given day. There is also the little hint of sexuality in the way the girl is posed, the outfit she is wearing and the expression on her face while the dragon's expression holds that of complete and utter pleasure, probably to have someone in his company.

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