Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Edit! Menagerie: Color Palettes- Tea cups

As a continuation from my last post, this one showcases more of the teacups and the ones I have chosen to use for the three characters Casper, Ambrose and Sterling.

First one is Casper's teacup. I was really stuck on choosing a final design for Casper. It was a tie between the more spherical teacup or the teacup seen below. Casper is a happy, fun-loving, and colorful character who loves different patterns, unique trinkets or just odd little items. His whole home is just filled with eccentric items and furniture that just fits him.

I chose the more pattern driven cup for him, the cup does represent Casper's personality and has many different ways to be colored, mix matching colors and the like. The colors are vibrant which alludes to his optimistic outlook on life. The odd shape and patterning go in sync with his love of eccentricity and things that don't necessarily go together. 

The inspiration came from on of MisterKay's little drawings right here:

I chose this picture as my inspiration because the sheer vibrancy of the image just screamed Casper to me. The colors seem to almost clash and fight with each other, something Cas will surely love. The character himself is shown to be in an awkward and flamboyant pose wearing clothes looking almost as if he randomly chose them. The green against the gradiated pants and the pants against the flower patterned shirt/ jacket just seem like the type of outfit Casper would wear.  

Edit! The cup has changed to another design and the palettes were changed. The original plan for his cup wasn't really sitting well with me and didn't really scream Ambrose to me. These palettes do. They have enough warmth and coolness as well as a near "Victorian" feel to them with a modern twist. The shape of the cup is more on the petite side that almost looks like a bell turned right-side up. 

The palette inspiration came from a photo of a beautiful piece of jewelry done by harlequinromantique called "Venetian Fountain":

Besides being a very beautiful, well crafted necklace, and something I wouldn't mind wearing, I just love all the colors displayed in the jewels. There were so many different shades of blues, but then there were pops of warmer colors found in the tear dropped shape jewels and the other smaller jewels which gave me a variety of colors to choose from and a variety of palettes to make. The metal, when looking through the color picker, was more of a grayed out cream color as well as the typical grays and silvers found within. Anyways, I can really see this type of necklace and other jewelry of this kind being owned by Ambrose and worn on an almost daily basis.

Edit! The cup and the palette were changed into something that would more suited to Sterling, plus instead of just two different palettes, I dabbled with four for him, all of them hopefully carrying the factor of decayed or sickening looking with pops of bright colors. In all, the new chosen cup looks like it has been through some rough times; chips, the paint peeling off and the quick "put-me-back-together" appearance really screams Sterling more than the original skull cup.

The inspiration for the palettes came from an artist by the name of einlee from deviantart and her piece named "The Hatter":

The picture is that of whimsy and playful intertwined with a more morbid undertone with the chosen colors and textures. The colors look more on the dingy side besides the extreme pops of reds and yellows and the texture over the whole picture gives it this "decayed" look, especially in the skin of the character, which is already on the pale, pink-gray side. 

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