Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Menagerie- idea two

My second menagerie idea was tea cups designed to show a characters personality or at least snippets of their personality. Of course, narrowing down a characters main traits into three words was a bit of a challenge. I, once again, chose characters who all had different personality traits and different tastes for dishware. The first character, Casper, is more of an eclectic, colorful, and fun character. I tried to design a tea cup that would genuinely fit him.

For these I tried to show more of his fun and eclectic side. I also spoke with a friend of mine who told me that circles were considered to be known as "reliable and friendly". I tried to really show that specific shape throughout the cup designs. Below are the tea cups that really inspired these designs:

The second character, Ambroise, is more of a sophisticated, loyal, and regal type. I was inspired by more of the Victorian inspired tea cups as well as a rose tea cup.

The tea cups are here:

The last character Sterling is a bit harder to narrow down. He's more of the creepy, deranged and somehow adorable character who stole the heart of Ambroise. However, that is another story complete. Designing his tea cups were a little harder since more "creepy" tea sets were ones with faces on them looking like they were peering into your soul.

For the complete picture, the tea cups will be shown with their respective owner, however, the picture will be more focused on the tea cups than the person. The overall picture will consist of three box, ones looking like the one below, placed side by side to show a snippet of the person holding them and the tea cup itself.

I got the expression inspiration by an artist who goes by MisterKay. I really love the different expressions he draws and the way it really shows the personalities of the characters. He's really great for different nose shapes, eyes and facial structure.

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