Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Menagerie: Final- Colorful tea cups for everyone!

It has come to this. The final for the menagerie project. I had a lot of fun doing this project and like the end product, however I am wishing to come back to this and fiddle with it some more.

From the last post, there were, yet again, more changes. Instead of having the tea cups in the bottom corner and have the characters colored, I have the characters completely void of color while the only pops of color are the tea cups themselves, the backgrounds, and something on the character like fingernails or tea pouring out of a cup. Sterling's sketch was changed to the current one below and all of the characters are breaking from their frame of reference.  

The colors for the backgrounds came from one of the other characters color palette. Casper has the same purple-red from Ambrose's color palette, Sterling has the bright orange from Casper's palette and Ambrose has the neutral orange from Sterling's palette. I thought it would give the illustrations some extra spice and will help enhance the illustrations even more.  

This project really had me get in tune with my characters and choose things on their behalf and not of my own: my preferences are different from theirs, this project was based around them and not around me.

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  1. Awesome tea cups!
    I really love the designs and colors that you chose for them. They're all so fun!