Monday, February 4, 2013

Menagerie: I chose...

It has come down to this moment, this post is dedicated to my final decision between the dressers and teacups. Both had very fun components I could mess around with and palettes I could create an awesome triptych illustration, however, I had to choose just one...


The teacups, to me, seemed to be a wonderful and creative idea to go for over the dressers. I also think I would have the most fun with the teacup project because I have a better connection to these characters and know their personality. From my previous post, which I did an overhaul edit, I showed four different palettes for the three teacups and explained why I chose the teacup shape and the palette that the character would lean to.

Below are the basic concept sketches to my final illustration, they show the characters interacting with their teacups as they would on any given day. Casper, on any typical day, would love to talk about all of his eccentric items with anybody who would ask. Holding out his prized teacup to his visitor, he would proudly speak about the cup's origin- a cup he found on a daily walk through a boutique shop- with a broad, yet beaming smile.

Ambrose, the more reserved man that he is, would rather spend his day in front of his fireplace, a classic book in his hands and curled up on his couch, sipping on a flavorful cup of tea from his petite teacup. Ambrose, when asked as to why he has such a petite and near feminine cup, softly strokes the swirled handle, blue eyes softly glittering as he says the cup is just like him: petite, yet strong. Simple, yet elegant and he wouldn't have it any other way. 

Sterling, obsessed with death and decay, would rather place his cup upon the top of his head and sit perfectly still than use it to sip tea from. Unlike his more serious and reserved partner, Sterling gnaws on the handle, looking up from beneath disheveled and messy silver hair to smile, taking the small and delicate object. He places it back on his head, resting next to his partner as the fireplace crackles and the soft turn of a page fills the silent room. 

Below is the possible layout for the illustration. The squares with the characters interacting with their teacup will be lined up along the top and down in the corner will be their chosen teacups. Underneath the squares are the chosen color palette for them (based on their cups), more colors will be used, like a light peach for skin or a lighter shade of yellow for the pages of the book Ambrose is holding. 

This project has really brought me close to these characters, especially when I had to get into their mindset to pick and choose the cups, the colors and analyze their personality to draw out how they would be presented with their cup. Of course the color palettes will be broadened and I have fresh ideas on some more layout combinations, which I will add, as well as some more possibilities on how each character will be presented with their cup. 

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