Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pipeline Project

Well, hello there again! The next assignment is to propose a pipeline project. A pipeline is a flow of creation on a fairly large group project- this one will consist of fifteen people. The project will be documented and one person will direct it until the concept is fully completed. Of course, I have experience in large group projects- Ad Concepts being the major class that has one full class session dedicated to team projects- and it does take work to direct, gather and lead a good sized group to fully indulge themselves with the project.

Anyways, my proposal is that of a comic animation. Let me define comic animation: it will be a comic with select panel(s) being animated either by action, like a knife being thrown, or words, like a sentence or just a major word. 

The example above is beautifully done with lots of attention to detail and meaning. Plus, it can incorporate different majors into one big collaboration, giving everyone -and I mean everyone- a chance to shine. If chosen, I wouldn't necessarily follow this example exactly, with its use of knives and stuff, but draw inspiration from it with its creative use of the part, the paper, and the person narrating.

As I said, it would have different majors involved in the making. The conceptual side would need character designers, storyboard artists, screenwriters, color scriptors, background artists, prop designers, et cetera who could be illustration or animation majors. We would also need artists to do the final drawings.

We would also need Cinematic Arts majors; they would assist the story-boarders with their knowledge of what works/looks good on camera, and they would be the ones recording the live sections. 

Photo majors, aside from just being shoved aside into the documentation side, could maybe get involved with a little stop motion, if we decide to put it in. 

With all three, I expect an exciting mix of media and a very interesting short.

So, now that the technical stuff it out of the way, what is the basis behind my idea? Aside from the multi-media film?  Well, I was suddenly inspired when I saw the scarf my girlfriend got me; what if we took our most personal/favorite items and turned them into characters? We would have a wide variety like this; each character would be based off the colors of the item and its overall design.

For example, I did a quick rough of the scarf I mentioned; notice how the long, stretched shape of the scarf is shown in the character's body type, and how I based the character's colors off the ones in my scarf. 

Each character would have a power related to what he/she is based off of. The scarf guy can use his scarves almost like wips or arms, grabbing things or slapping things or wrapping around things, et cetera.

So, with fifteen or so people in a project, how do we narrow it down? There will be a lot of characters! Well, some of it will be knocked down due to palette. As for the rest, vote and best ideas will become the main five or six. The others can be background characters.

What about theme and plot? I know I want the characters to find a common goal/fate, and to overcome differences. The rest I'm leaving open so that, if this is chosen, the team gets to propose ideas and we can merge them to get the very best of all our minds.

So, that's it! I left is vague, but I feel like these big things work best that way. I definitely look forward to the project ahead, whether I'm picked or not.


  1. This idea sounds really fun! The idea of doing a comic animation is different and one I would like to see made. Do you have some general story plot in mind? Like maybe one person's character is the bad guy and the other 5 have to team up to defeat him. I believe you should have some form of idea as to the general story because if you leave it too open ended, it could invite trouble within the group. On the other hand it could also be a great success leaving it open-ended with the group all backing behind an idea and becoming dedicated to it since they helped pick it out. I like your idea and I hope it gets the support needed to become a reality.

  2. I think your concept is really interesting and unique. It also seems like something the class would enjoy working on. Your reference video was also very helpful.

  3. Really liked the video you posted, its was new, fresh and I like that great idea. I wouldn't mind sticking my foot in this project :)

  4. Im not so much into the first idea, But i can see myself being apart of the second one very easily. I would be fun trying to give life to one of the objects within my room. I would just love to see more elaboration yo the idea itself.