Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow White and Rose Red

Hello, again!

In the group project I'm a part of the Fairytale Book Trailer I have been given the roles of  a Character Designer and Publicity Director. We singled out a very specific, lesser-known Grimm tale to focus on; Snow White and Rose Red. The story can be found here. My job as Character Designer is to aid in making concepts for our modern reboot of them.

For my character designs, I felt that the first step was research. After all, how could I reboot a couple of Fairytale characters I knew little about? You have to know the original very well to make a remix! So I went to the Columbus Metropolitan Library and checked out a couple of books featuring translations of the original tale. As a companion to that, I found and checked out a book on period fashion from Ancient Greece to the 1950s; I focused mainly on the Medieval and 1830s sections, as the tales were published in the 1830s-40s and I also knew that a lot of the original stories were written to resemble a "simpler" age.

After all that work, I began to look up pictures others have done of the pair, who seemed very close in the story. A lot of people made this Snow White looked like the Disney one, which I thought didn't fit very well; she was supposed to contrast her sister, and they were both names for rose bushes. A white rose bush wouldn't have any black on it.

There were some that had her as blonde, which I found myself instantly more attracted toward. I also began to think that, though it's never stated, the girls act like they're the same age in the story, and I though it'd be cute if they were fraternal twins.

So, thinking/research now aside, I set to work; I wanted to make them older than young girls, but not too old; I wanted them innocent, but old enough to marry. Round faces, delicate chins, round eyes. Very similar to each other. But Rose Red's hair is curly, her eyes are also more slanted. They're similar, but not the same.

And here are some of my inspirational images (click on the images for sources):

Other inspiration can be seen here.

Now, as Publicity Director, I know I have a lot more to do; logos, color palettes, posters, fonts, web layouts, etc. However, since there's a lot that needs to be hashed out about website ideas, I kept it simple for now and just stuck with making layout designs with a little color.

The motif of the roses appears twice. Roses can symbolize romance, innocence, life, backstabbing, and that's just a small sample! Given this tale, I thought they were more about innocence and wild beauty. So I stuck to lighter colors and tried to incorporate those roses in a series of light and simple designs, featuring colors for both of the girls.


I have some vague ideas about some of the other things to come, but first I need to meet with my group and finalize what we're doing with the basic site whether it be tumblr or a blogger these are just images for the background.

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  1. Well done in the research department. You've beeen thoughtful about developing the characters.