Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Snow and Rose: Post 4

Hello again! I'm back from Spring Break (even if it wasn't much of a break) and diving back into work. We have two weeks left for the project to end and I am getting really and really excited to see the end result! Sadly, every shoot that was scheduled I couldn't go due to health problems or traveling issues, but from all the photos I have seen and the clips I've watched, the trailer looks like its coming along splendidly!

Anyways, the Thursday before break started, I helped in making tissue paper roses which was fun and a bit annoying since the paper liked to stick to my fingers rather than the "stem" I was trying to attach the petals on to. Below are the flowers I was talking about, very simple, but ends with beautiful results.

Photo taken by Sarah Brevick

So, my main job now is to make movie posters for the upcoming trailer. I had a bit of a hard time coming up with great poster designs because I wasn't sure if I had to use JUST Sarah's photos or I could use other photos, inevitably I just used the wonderful and fantastic photos Sarah took. I'll be talking with Lindsey and Beth about the posters more on Tuesday and generate more ideas for the poster.

Photo by Sarah Brevick

Photos by Sarah Brevick

Above are some examples of the posters I came up with. The first two use four different photos all taken by Sarah and focus on the girls. I'm hoping to grab more photos from other people for closeups of the actors faces so I can try and do individual characters on a poster. The last poster quickly painted roses instead of the characters since the roses play a large part of the story. I may be going back to touch up the roses, but that only depends if Lindsey and Beth like it. 

However, I do know if the roses are not used on a poster, they may be used for the updated logo. I was asked to fiddle a little more with the logo and add a light source to the graphic roses to give them more shaping and a more 3D effect. When trying to do that, the roses looked too cluttered and less like simplified roses, so I may have to Photoshop paint two new roses to take place of the current logo. 

Which style best relates to the project? I'm actually leaning more towards the realistic roses, but I'll know more about it on Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Snow and Rose: Post 3

So much to do, so much to do!

Last Sunday, shooting finally happened, sadly I wasn't able to attend the first shoot due to health complications and doctors orders to rest. However, that didn't mean I didn't do anything. I was left to the task of making a style guide for the website: link.

I've only done one other style guide before. It was for a project back in my first year of CCAD that had to do with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and an exhibit that would host their transformation from when they were first created to the most up to date version of the Turtles. The project consisted of finding a museum that would host the exhibit, creating the name of the exhibit, the logo, color palette, tickets, posters, and then drawing out what would be found within the exhibit.

Anyways, I did a little research and stumbled across a website that went into detail about how to make a proper style guide for a website: .net . Of course, some of the steps would be taken out since the layout for the blog was already made and I had nothing to do with the coding and there were other components mentioned on the website that didn't go towards the project.

So! Here is the style guide, I'm assuming this will go under a little more editing and revisions once everything is settled once more and I show this to the director and production manager. 

A short overview of the project and the outcome for the design of the logo and background.

A break down of the blog.

The colors used in the logo and below are the colors used in the background image.

And the typeface used on the blog; Century Gothic in regular and in bold as well as the colors the type would come in, which was taken from the side panel of the blog.

When the team meets up again, I'll be able to edit this if needed and start working on the movie posters or some other task asked to be done. So far from the bits and pieces I've seen through photos and snippets of video clips, I'm excited to see the end result in this project.

Friday, March 8, 2013

It's a Casper post!

Hello again! I recently re-drew an old picture from my past, a picture I drew approximately a year and a half ago (I cringed when I saw this old picture again), but first here is a progression of Casper from when he was first introduced to a group I RP in. It's a transition from when he was just eighteen to twenty-one.

Casper from left to right: the first picture is when he was 18, short blond hair with longer stands dyed in different colors. Second picture, he let his bangs grow out, but he cut the rest of his hair so it was long in front and short in the back then dyed the front in three sections. Third picture, he let his hair grow out long and kept it dyed black. Fourth picture, he grew it out longer and reverted back to blond hair. The very last and most up to date picture of Casper has him with short blond hair with a blue streak in it, representing his dearest friend he could ever have.
Another note, Casper was a human until he sacrificed his life to save the person he once loved and was turned into a vampire. Anyways...

Below is the picture I redrew:

...Before I came to CCAD and after. I'm very pleased with the progress I made with the anatomy and rendering the figure to make it look realistic instead of a twig in space.

I'm never going back to drawing like that ever, ever, EVER again.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow and Rose: Post 2

Hello again! 

The trailer- Snow and Rose- has kicked off with great progress! The script is done, the sites have been scouted, props are being gathered and characters have been finalized. 

I was left to the task of getting the background look up and running, which went through a lot of trial and errors to get it to fit into the whole background. I had to go into the CSS coding to do so. I wouldn't really do it without saving the old code on a document of some sort, just in case something may go wrong or something goes askew during the editing. From the last post, there were three blog background options: the patterned red and white roses, the roses with the vines or the option with the two girls on either side of the information. It was decided that the middle option would be best, especially for tumblr which can be found here: link

The design wouldn't get in the way of the font or information, but would be related to the project through the  color (white and red) and roses. I cleaned up the design to make it cleaner and eliminated a few of the roses to give it an even balance of red and white roses.

The final step was putting the component into the background without cutting it off or having any white spaces around it. As I mentioned above, it was a long process of trial and error before having to go into the CSS coding. The blog, found here, finally looks like this:

The logo was just taking two existing roses from the vine and putting them together.

My other job was the create the finalized looks for the characters: Snow, Rose, the Dwarf and the Bear-Prince. Snow and Rose, after much discussing and changing of the wardrobe choice, were to take on an "Art Nouveau" look; long flowing hair, flowy dresses, and ribbons galore. My initial concept of them were more on the simple side taking after Alfons Mucha's designs for the girls' attire.

The pictures above are the two main sources for the look I was going for with the girls. The top one was more for Rose Red, the warm colors accompanied with an almost care-free look about the dress drawn me to it, while the bottom picture went more towards Snow White, the simple design for the dress and the sheer innocent beauty stuck out from the other examples I looked at.

Above is the initial design for the girls. I went with simple dresses as well as the other little details Alexis S. and Matt S. told me. I also based the colors off of my first drawing of the girls seen in my first post. Rose Red, dressed in a variant of reds and pinks, is the only sister to have a red cape and ribbons under her chest and around her waist as well as hanging sleeves on both sides of her arms. Snow White has a ribbon wrap along the top of her dress which goes off one shoulder and another ribbon wrap around her waist. In the full drawings of them, the girls start out with flower crowns, in the busts they are shown without the crowns: Rose has a braid in substitute for the crown while Snow leaves her hair pure.

Below is a later revision after the first went through and was told to add more detail to their dresses: flowers, lace and beading. I used very little to no beading for the fact the lace took up most of the detail as well as the flowers. 

Rose has lace on the top of her dress and in the middle of her dress, the lace being surrounded by the line of red and pink roses in substitute of the ribbon. There is a strip of lace along the bottom of her dress and on the sides of her dress, the finishing touch was a small rose bracelet on her wrist.

Snow has more flowers added onto the sleeve and lace added to the top and bottom of the dress. Instead of a rose bracelet, Snow has a lace choker around her throat.

The whole idea of the Bear-Prince was to have a good mixture of human and bear in a costume. The first thought of the Bear Prince was to have him be like a tribal man which then switched to a man dressed in a fur coat and bear mask. Instead, I combined the two so the top is a pull over hood to obscure most of the face with a partial bear mask. I looked back to Matt S.'s (blog can be found above) sketch for a little inspiration for the pants and boots. 

The Dwarf was based off of the Germanic version of the Dwarves and... well, a homeless person. I was told to keep the Dwarf on the knobbly side, but make him look worn, mean, and scary. I kept his attire to earth-tones and dingy colors with kisses of yellows and browns mixed into them. His top is covered in dirt, the pants have dingy patches to cover up holes and his shoes are worn and dirty. The man himself has long stringy hair and long beard, his skin is a little on the grayer side than the normal peach and his finger nails are long and curled. The design of the Dwarf really creeps me out.