Friday, March 8, 2013

It's a Casper post!

Hello again! I recently re-drew an old picture from my past, a picture I drew approximately a year and a half ago (I cringed when I saw this old picture again), but first here is a progression of Casper from when he was first introduced to a group I RP in. It's a transition from when he was just eighteen to twenty-one.

Casper from left to right: the first picture is when he was 18, short blond hair with longer stands dyed in different colors. Second picture, he let his bangs grow out, but he cut the rest of his hair so it was long in front and short in the back then dyed the front in three sections. Third picture, he let his hair grow out long and kept it dyed black. Fourth picture, he grew it out longer and reverted back to blond hair. The very last and most up to date picture of Casper has him with short blond hair with a blue streak in it, representing his dearest friend he could ever have.
Another note, Casper was a human until he sacrificed his life to save the person he once loved and was turned into a vampire. Anyways...

Below is the picture I redrew:

...Before I came to CCAD and after. I'm very pleased with the progress I made with the anatomy and rendering the figure to make it look realistic instead of a twig in space.

I'm never going back to drawing like that ever, ever, EVER again.

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