Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Snow and Rose: Post 3

So much to do, so much to do!

Last Sunday, shooting finally happened, sadly I wasn't able to attend the first shoot due to health complications and doctors orders to rest. However, that didn't mean I didn't do anything. I was left to the task of making a style guide for the website: link.

I've only done one other style guide before. It was for a project back in my first year of CCAD that had to do with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and an exhibit that would host their transformation from when they were first created to the most up to date version of the Turtles. The project consisted of finding a museum that would host the exhibit, creating the name of the exhibit, the logo, color palette, tickets, posters, and then drawing out what would be found within the exhibit.

Anyways, I did a little research and stumbled across a website that went into detail about how to make a proper style guide for a website: .net . Of course, some of the steps would be taken out since the layout for the blog was already made and I had nothing to do with the coding and there were other components mentioned on the website that didn't go towards the project.

So! Here is the style guide, I'm assuming this will go under a little more editing and revisions once everything is settled once more and I show this to the director and production manager. 

A short overview of the project and the outcome for the design of the logo and background.

A break down of the blog.

The colors used in the logo and below are the colors used in the background image.

And the typeface used on the blog; Century Gothic in regular and in bold as well as the colors the type would come in, which was taken from the side panel of the blog.

When the team meets up again, I'll be able to edit this if needed and start working on the movie posters or some other task asked to be done. So far from the bits and pieces I've seen through photos and snippets of video clips, I'm excited to see the end result in this project.

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