Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Snow and Rose: Post 4

Hello again! I'm back from Spring Break (even if it wasn't much of a break) and diving back into work. We have two weeks left for the project to end and I am getting really and really excited to see the end result! Sadly, every shoot that was scheduled I couldn't go due to health problems or traveling issues, but from all the photos I have seen and the clips I've watched, the trailer looks like its coming along splendidly!

Anyways, the Thursday before break started, I helped in making tissue paper roses which was fun and a bit annoying since the paper liked to stick to my fingers rather than the "stem" I was trying to attach the petals on to. Below are the flowers I was talking about, very simple, but ends with beautiful results.

Photo taken by Sarah Brevick

So, my main job now is to make movie posters for the upcoming trailer. I had a bit of a hard time coming up with great poster designs because I wasn't sure if I had to use JUST Sarah's photos or I could use other photos, inevitably I just used the wonderful and fantastic photos Sarah took. I'll be talking with Lindsey and Beth about the posters more on Tuesday and generate more ideas for the poster.

Photo by Sarah Brevick

Photos by Sarah Brevick

Above are some examples of the posters I came up with. The first two use four different photos all taken by Sarah and focus on the girls. I'm hoping to grab more photos from other people for closeups of the actors faces so I can try and do individual characters on a poster. The last poster quickly painted roses instead of the characters since the roses play a large part of the story. I may be going back to touch up the roses, but that only depends if Lindsey and Beth like it. 

However, I do know if the roses are not used on a poster, they may be used for the updated logo. I was asked to fiddle a little more with the logo and add a light source to the graphic roses to give them more shaping and a more 3D effect. When trying to do that, the roses looked too cluttered and less like simplified roses, so I may have to Photoshop paint two new roses to take place of the current logo. 

Which style best relates to the project? I'm actually leaning more towards the realistic roses, but I'll know more about it on Tuesday.

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