Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Three Faces of Jacques- Change

Hello! Some things... or really MANY things have changed since the last time I worked on this. I am no longer doing three different character sheets. I talked to Tracy on Thursday to see what she thought of my project so far and she suggested that I turn my character sheets into a character book. This would allow me to go into more detail about the character and how I came up with him than with a character sheet. Plus, this would allow me to go into his story more.

And I like to layout books, anyways.

So, after that I started to layout what would be in the book. These are just sample pages. I will be adding more later once I find my old drawings of what Mr. Thing looked like as well as Jacques (I have them somewhere in my room). I'm still contemplating on whether or not I should add in facial expressions or character turn-arounds or just have a complete illustration of them, maybe poses. There are a lot of options to consider.

As I said before, these are just sample pages. Once I get everything together and laid out, the pages will be decorated more to fit with each section of his life. Speaking of which, the cover for this book has three jester masks all of which represent the stages he went through. The brighter and happier jester mask for when he was human. The more de-saturated mask for his Mr. Thing stage and the more golden mask for his current form.

I have a lot to do and I am totally excited to continue working on this. Hopefully, the next time I update I'll have more things to show instead of just this.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Three Faces of Jacques

Hello and welcome to another installment of The Three Faces of Jacques!

From last week, I added color to them as well as added human-Jacques in his jester attire and gave demon-Jacques another option for clothing. Mr. Thing's only other option is a cloak... sad, but even he doesn't think he deserves anything but the scraps on his body and his cloak. 

Anyways, I believe I am going to keep the style of which the characters are drawn in. I've found I can create a lot more expressions and give the characters a certain liveliness that I couldn't with just my usual style of drawing. I'll have more test expressions posted later, at the moment I was more occupied with finalizing the overall looks of the characters and possibly what they would wear.

Of course, during the coloring process I was listening to The Hunchback of Notre Dame soundtrack. Specifically the opening song:

The Hunchback does take place in France, however it's in the wrong time period- more of the 15th century I believe, but still set the overall essence of what I was feeling for.

In his early life, his first stage of life, I wanted to represent his whimsy and relative innocence of heart with his palette; brights on the jester's uniform for his fun-loving nature, and softer colors for his more casual outfit. Of course, some sense of accuracy had to be fit in; a jester, as an entertainer, was to wear brights to grab the attention of the nobles he was pleasing. His peasant clothes had to be faded, however, as dyed clothes cost a lot of money, especially if you wanted them to go through the process of trying to have the dye stay and not bleed.  

The middle period of Jacques' life is his bleakest period; he loses all semblance of humanity and becomes a demon of Hell after learning his true heritage and must struggle to accept himself and his new role. Since he's sort of a gloomy shadow of his old self, here I toned things down and washed them out, with a splash of black to help really embolden his depression during this time.

And, finally, Jacques' third stage is when he pulls through his depression, finds love, and makes a new body- yes, in that order. He actually finds love while he's in his "Mr. Thing" form, but more on that later... anyways, by this time, the innocence is long, long gone, but his former sense of whimsy and fun has returned as he finds joy in living again. he also gains a confidence he didn't have quite as much of in his human life, and perhaps a bit of an attitude.

As I stated before, his favorite color is yellow. Since he now has fairly unlimited access to color, he makes use of it! I wanted to bring out the fun in him with color, but represent some of his maturation and higher self esteem by adding some refinement; pastels and darks to make the brights pop and feel less obnoxious, as though he carefully considered every outfit and palette... which, of course, he does.

Story is what drives me. Scratch that, characters are what drive me. I'm attached to this one in particular because I've never heard anything quite like it; Jacques BĂȘte is, to sum it up too quickly, the Anti-Christ that could've been but never was. Had his father, Lucifer, known of his existence, he would have become a pawn in a game for power and revenge. But, as it is, he got to grow up with only a few hints to his identity, with both him and Daddy dearest only learning about the truth until after his death.

I know a very important element in story-telling is theme; what do people take away from this? If I wanted anyone to take anything away from "Mr. Thing", it'd be that life isn't all that it seems, and that you shouldn't always trust what you've been brought up to believe; sometimes you have to find the truth for yourself, be it about who you are, the afterlife, or something else.

Now, thinking ahead here, Jacques is a small part in a big project, which I've mentioned before. a while back I was looking for inspiration for a separate project -namely branding myself- and I found this:

(Branding layout done by Pavel Emelyanov)

It looks both clean and sort of organic, modern yet vintage-inspired, and definitely timeless. I know branding is pretty far off form character design, but if these ideas really blossom into a comic, we'd need some sort of identity, some sort of logo and typeface, something visual for people to remember us by.

 I think whatever we do for the comic would not be exactly like this, but I find the ink-like style to be highly inspirational to me because it's just so timeless. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Design4Media: The three faces of Jacques

Hello and welcome to the second post for "The three faces of Jacques". From the last time, I added old sketches of what the three faces looked like. This time I do have more current sketches of what he looks like and then have even more sketches of a style I'm trying out. I'm still a bit awkward with the new style, but I'm starting to like it.

This new style takes the combined look of Coraline, Paranorman and an image from another artist that goes by the name of coffeeandcocktiels or VickoRano depending if you want her tumblr or flickr (the link can be found below). The characters are a little more exaggerated and shape-based than what I normally draw. The main problem was actually taking the second face: Mr. Thing and simplifying him to the point he still looked scary, but fit in with the style. 

( Expression sheet found here.)

(Character models found here.)

(Characters by VickoRano)

Anyways, I researched the clothing Jacques (human) would wear during his time when he was alive. Of course, human Jacques lived from 1280 to 1307 where he died at the age of twenty-seven due to the Queen's order of him being tortured (during that time in the 14th century the plague was sweeping through Europe). Actually finding clothing that the working class wore was a little challenging, since the majority of fashion was dedicated more towards the royals, but I was able to find three examples of clothing. Males back then would wear tunics, cotte with a surcoat over a linen shirt with hose, shoes and a headdress.

(Image on the left is found here. Image on the right and below found here.)

There is also his uniform for when he works as a jester. I took more of the left image's hat than the one on the right. 

(Image on the left found here. Image on the right found here.)

That is the first face of Jacques. The second face is basically a more ripped, torn and weathered version of the human Jacques. This form even adapts the jester hat with a few add-ons. Mr. Thing is the remaining husk of what human Jacques was like. His whole form is covered in stitches to keep the remaining amount of his skin together as well as attached to whatever muscles he has left. Basically, he's a walking skeleton... with skin.

The final and more current form of Jacques is when he builds a new body and starts life anew. This Jacques has a few features from when he was human like the nose and shape of the eyes- just a little more slanted and his hair is just a little more wavier (his hair starts to look more like his biological father's). He tends to wear casual clothing in various shades of yellow (his favorite color) and tends to wear a striped scarf with outfits that he wears. 

The next step is designing more clothing and rounding out the style, possibly adding in another inspiration.

Until then! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Update! Design4Media: Final Project Proposal!

Hello again! 

This is the last project for Design4Media and I am super, super psyched about it! The project itself can be done with a group of people -just like the previous project- or can be done individually- which is what I am going to do and the project is something I wish to do as a career choice.

Character designing!

I'm a fan of characters and the whole aspect of designing their look, outfit, personality and giving them a back story thrills me to no end. What I really love is going back to old characters and giving them a new, NEW look and revamping everything about them. Even though this character is fairly new and hasn't been around for two years, I still have been tweaking and tweaking and tweaking his whole look.

This project will focus on the three "faces" of Jacques when he was human and then the forms he had once he arrived in Hell. Jacques, if anyone wishes to know, is one of the characters premiering in an animatic done by my girlfriend found here: link The animatic itself is to promote a web comic we will eventually get around to doing.

Anyways, Jacques' "faces" are as follows:

(old sketch)

Jacques BĂȘte was a jester back in the medieval times of France. He was born a bastard child from a love affair between his mother and some man. It caused a major stress point between him, his mother and "father". Once his younger sibling was born, he was left to fend for himself and thus he turned to being a Jester and eventually caught the eye of the young King and Queen of France. He eventually married and had two children he loved deeply and truly. The most crucial point in his life came when the Queen threatened to kill his wife and children if he didn't succumb to her affections. Eventually, the Queen had him tortured and killed. 

(old sketch)

Mr. Thing was the outcome of the torture Jacques went through. His body no longer looked human and was in fact skin hung over pieces of muscle and bone. His face was more skeletal and he was missing one of his eyes. However, his signature Jester's hat was still on his head. While in Hell, Jacques became a torturer himself and climbed up through the ranks to become the top.

(old sketch)

The final "face" is when Lucifer himself allowed Mr. Thing to make himself a new body. Of course, the process is long and arduous, having to collect and piece together body parts and allow the new vessel to fully heal before performing a ritual that will transfer his soul and memories into the new body. Currently, Jacques remarried and is living a pretty luxurious life tormenting the souls of Hell.

What I wish to do is create character sheets for the three "faces" of Jacques. They will include action poses, turn-arounds, facial expressions, clothing options and a large illustration of a certain time in Jacques' life as well as anything else I could tack on to it. 



Above are example expressions and poses from two characters from the Disney movie Tangled. I'm not going to copy the style of the characters, but try to emulate the way the characters express their emotions. Also, I'll be trying to complete poses in a more fluid and smooth motion rather than my regular way of drawing poses.

by DanHowardArt on deviantArt

by DanHowardArt on deviantArt

by WhiteFoxCub on deviantArt

The images above are just examples of lying out the character sheet. The top image is a great example of what I'm going to do: expressions, poses, full illustration, except I'll have to add in outfit options.

This is a flow chart of how I'm hoping things will run. I've already done a little research into the Medieval time period of France and know a vague idea of what his outfit will look like, but I need to visit the library to find specific books on the matter.

P.S. yellow is Jacques favorite color.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Snow and Rose: Final Post

It's the final push to the finish line for Story Book movie trailer. There have been a lot of scrambling (at least in my case) of getting things done and finalized, but I think everything has come together wonderfully! From the trailer to the Facebook, from the blog to the posters and to the trailer itself. It has been a great journey in creating something so unique and different than what I originally do.

Anyhow, I was left in charge of changing the logo, background image for the blog, posters and the movie title.

The icon on the left was the original logo for the group until I made the new one on the right. The roses actually look like roses and not like chrysanthemums or blobs of some kind of flower in the original logo.

To accompany the new logo was the new background. Once again, the flowers in the top image look more like chrysanthemums on vines and not roses while the image below actually looks like roses with curly vines and leaves.

My next task was creating the title card for the trailer. It all started with a quick sketch how the font was to be laid out and roses to surround the font on both sides.

The process continued to choosing fonts that would resemble the characters hand writing as well as show some of their personality. Snow's font is clean and neat, flowing just perfectly from one letter to the next while Rose's is more carefree and energetic.

As the progression goes on, the vines are taken out between the letters, instead of the letters being hooked around one another, they are separated to be clearly seen and the roses move closer to be more behind the font. The font for Snow didn't change, but Rose's took a large turn. Rose's font was to resemble and connect to Snow's more than it did originally. In all, I think the title card turned out wonderfully.

The last was creating the posters. I made seven all together to have for a wider variety.

Photo by Sarah Brevick

Photos by Sarah Brevick

Photo by Sarah Brevick

Photos by Sarah Brevick

Photo by Sarah Brevick

Photos by Sarah Brevick

Photos by Sarah Brevick

From the seven above, three were chosen to be printed, which can be seen below:

Photo by Sarah Brevick

Photo by Sarah Brevick

Photo by Sarah Brevick

The first two are laid out in a similar fashion with the title of the movie above and the credits below and the image in between the two. The last poster doesn't use the original font in the first two, but does use one font that was used for the 'AND'- Century Gothic. Still keeping the font laid out like the original choice, it became a perfect opportunity for an image of Snow to be connected with the word 'Snow' in the font and the image of Rose to be connect with the word 'Rose' in the title.