Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Update! Design4Media: Final Project Proposal!

Hello again! 

This is the last project for Design4Media and I am super, super psyched about it! The project itself can be done with a group of people -just like the previous project- or can be done individually- which is what I am going to do and the project is something I wish to do as a career choice.

Character designing!

I'm a fan of characters and the whole aspect of designing their look, outfit, personality and giving them a back story thrills me to no end. What I really love is going back to old characters and giving them a new, NEW look and revamping everything about them. Even though this character is fairly new and hasn't been around for two years, I still have been tweaking and tweaking and tweaking his whole look.

This project will focus on the three "faces" of Jacques when he was human and then the forms he had once he arrived in Hell. Jacques, if anyone wishes to know, is one of the characters premiering in an animatic done by my girlfriend found here: link The animatic itself is to promote a web comic we will eventually get around to doing.

Anyways, Jacques' "faces" are as follows:

(old sketch)

Jacques Bête was a jester back in the medieval times of France. He was born a bastard child from a love affair between his mother and some man. It caused a major stress point between him, his mother and "father". Once his younger sibling was born, he was left to fend for himself and thus he turned to being a Jester and eventually caught the eye of the young King and Queen of France. He eventually married and had two children he loved deeply and truly. The most crucial point in his life came when the Queen threatened to kill his wife and children if he didn't succumb to her affections. Eventually, the Queen had him tortured and killed. 

(old sketch)

Mr. Thing was the outcome of the torture Jacques went through. His body no longer looked human and was in fact skin hung over pieces of muscle and bone. His face was more skeletal and he was missing one of his eyes. However, his signature Jester's hat was still on his head. While in Hell, Jacques became a torturer himself and climbed up through the ranks to become the top.

(old sketch)

The final "face" is when Lucifer himself allowed Mr. Thing to make himself a new body. Of course, the process is long and arduous, having to collect and piece together body parts and allow the new vessel to fully heal before performing a ritual that will transfer his soul and memories into the new body. Currently, Jacques remarried and is living a pretty luxurious life tormenting the souls of Hell.

What I wish to do is create character sheets for the three "faces" of Jacques. They will include action poses, turn-arounds, facial expressions, clothing options and a large illustration of a certain time in Jacques' life as well as anything else I could tack on to it. 



Above are example expressions and poses from two characters from the Disney movie Tangled. I'm not going to copy the style of the characters, but try to emulate the way the characters express their emotions. Also, I'll be trying to complete poses in a more fluid and smooth motion rather than my regular way of drawing poses.

by DanHowardArt on deviantArt

by DanHowardArt on deviantArt

by WhiteFoxCub on deviantArt

The images above are just examples of lying out the character sheet. The top image is a great example of what I'm going to do: expressions, poses, full illustration, except I'll have to add in outfit options.

This is a flow chart of how I'm hoping things will run. I've already done a little research into the Medieval time period of France and know a vague idea of what his outfit will look like, but I need to visit the library to find specific books on the matter.

P.S. yellow is Jacques favorite color.

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