Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Design4Media: The three faces of Jacques

Hello and welcome to the second post for "The three faces of Jacques". From the last time, I added old sketches of what the three faces looked like. This time I do have more current sketches of what he looks like and then have even more sketches of a style I'm trying out. I'm still a bit awkward with the new style, but I'm starting to like it.

This new style takes the combined look of Coraline, Paranorman and an image from another artist that goes by the name of coffeeandcocktiels or VickoRano depending if you want her tumblr or flickr (the link can be found below). The characters are a little more exaggerated and shape-based than what I normally draw. The main problem was actually taking the second face: Mr. Thing and simplifying him to the point he still looked scary, but fit in with the style. 

( Expression sheet found here.)

(Character models found here.)

(Characters by VickoRano)

Anyways, I researched the clothing Jacques (human) would wear during his time when he was alive. Of course, human Jacques lived from 1280 to 1307 where he died at the age of twenty-seven due to the Queen's order of him being tortured (during that time in the 14th century the plague was sweeping through Europe). Actually finding clothing that the working class wore was a little challenging, since the majority of fashion was dedicated more towards the royals, but I was able to find three examples of clothing. Males back then would wear tunics, cotte with a surcoat over a linen shirt with hose, shoes and a headdress.

(Image on the left is found here. Image on the right and below found here.)

There is also his uniform for when he works as a jester. I took more of the left image's hat than the one on the right. 

(Image on the left found here. Image on the right found here.)

That is the first face of Jacques. The second face is basically a more ripped, torn and weathered version of the human Jacques. This form even adapts the jester hat with a few add-ons. Mr. Thing is the remaining husk of what human Jacques was like. His whole form is covered in stitches to keep the remaining amount of his skin together as well as attached to whatever muscles he has left. Basically, he's a walking skeleton... with skin.

The final and more current form of Jacques is when he builds a new body and starts life anew. This Jacques has a few features from when he was human like the nose and shape of the eyes- just a little more slanted and his hair is just a little more wavier (his hair starts to look more like his biological father's). He tends to wear casual clothing in various shades of yellow (his favorite color) and tends to wear a striped scarf with outfits that he wears. 

The next step is designing more clothing and rounding out the style, possibly adding in another inspiration.

Until then! 

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  1. Here's a link to some character model sheets that may be helpful.