Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Three Faces of Jacques- FINAL!

It has come down to this moment. The final post for the last project of Design4Media.
This was by far my favorite project since it is targeted towards the job aspect I wish to work in. And creating this has brought me closer to my character than before. Jacques, even before this, was one of my favorite characters and doing this for him really brought his story into focus.

As I said in my previous post I changed my project from doing just character sheets to a full character book based on Jacques. Within the pages, it goes into detail of when Jacques was created and the pivotal points that molded his character, no pun intended, as well as just some facts about him. 

I wasn't able to add in action poses, due to time and other homework as well as consideration of how much space I had for each page, but I was able to draw expressions for them.

If you have noticed all of the pages are yellow (still his favorite color mind you) and on each page has the corresponding mask that matches with that particular time in his life. All the masks are smiling, none of them are frowning. I truly have no idea why I did such a thing, only that I had an instinct to draw all of them smiling. It might be because of his ever growing passion to please the crowds with his stunning displays of a Jester. The smile may just rub off to every phase of his life, just out of pure habit. 

It' been a lot of fun delving into my character, Jacques. The ideas surrounding him have always sort of been floating around, but I've never really had the chance to tie it all down and make it solid. Now I feel more sure where I'm going with him, and am also better prepped on how to go about doing this with future characters.

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