Sunday, June 30, 2013


There has been and undergo of big change for many of my characters, including Kayden, Aza, and Kioren. As previously seen, Kioren won't have much change to him except to make him a little more on the orange side as in his skin tone. Aza will be the embodiment of everything that is red due to his love for the color and his love of anything hearts. As such, he will take on more reds, even his skin will be red and I mean red- red.

Kayden, as seen above, has taken more of a "candy-ish" appearance, meaning his change from being human to a Memitim (or Angel of Death). From his candy-apple red hair to his pink skin and even his red freckles give him an almost artificial look. When he was human he had cinnamon brown skin, dark red-brown hair and dark freckles and the sudden change of appearance lead him to look like the way he does. 

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