Friday, October 11, 2013

Character Galores!

Holy moley, look at all the characters!

These characters are still under some construction and development, like the bottom four (Sanctuary and the triplets). Others have been posed on here before and they, once again, went under major change like Kioren, Kayden, and Aza, who can be found below.


See? Kayden (up in the left corner), Kioren right under him and Aza being the half-body bust. The other two characters, Lucifer and Apollo, haven't been shown on here before, but I believe they were mentioned.

Kayden hasn't changed much besides his color scheme switched to candy-canes. Kioren is more of a rectangle and pumpkin-tastic and Aza is, well, more heart shaped and cherry red. Everything about Aza is a heart, including his hair, rib-cage and face.



As mentioned before, Sanctuary (I have to scan in her new picture) and the triplets went under MAJOR construction including the once Belle Fleur now turned Bella Regina. 

As of late, I have been designing my characters off of food, objects, animals, basically anything I get inspiration from. Bella has shifted to being based off of spiders and their big butts (I know it is their abdomen, but I didn't want her looking pregnant, so it went to the butt). She has a tiny rib-cage and large hips, opposed to having more moderate sized rib-cage and moderate sized butt.

Not to forget, spider webs are incorporated into everything she wears. 

Also, I will post a little preview of her walk cycle when I have the chance. 

More posts are in the making! 

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