Friday, October 11, 2013

Self- Branding.

For one last project in my Ad Graph class some months ago, I was to brand myself; have a logo, business card, a leave-behind, even a website if I ever developed one.
The logo is of myself and made entirely of warm colors, the only color exception is the blue for my eyes. At first, I tried to go in a more sophisticated route, but I wouldn't say I'm sophisticated to just have my initials or to just have some symbol that doesn't really say me. 

The same warm colors, plus some cools, carry through with the rest of the branding.

Business card (the facebook and gmail do not exist).



And finally the website (if I ever had one). Above is actually the sequence in how things would appear: at first the only thing anyone would see if the upper half of my logo. If the mouse cursor moves, my eyes will follow it and my eyes will blink. Once my nose is clicked on, my hair will poof out to reveal the welcome as well as the links that show my portfolio, character designs, resume and contact information. If, lets say, the portfolio button was clicked, the eyes would close with a pleased expression before a zoomed out version of me would slide out to reveal more buttons that would hold little previews. Once a button would be clicked, the image would appear at its full view. To leave the viewing mode, click on the outside of the image preview and it will go back to the portfolio screen. At the top, it shows a home button to go back to the main screen and another button to show where the person is. 

Well, that is my self-branding. 

More posts will be coming soon.

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