Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just some sweetness for your day~!

As the title explains, just some friendly sweetness to brighten (at least I hope so) anyone's day. Below is a picture I drew of my character and another character named Vexen (he's from the Kingdom Hearts franchise and is owned by SquareEnix, plus there needs to be a little more Vexen love). Anyways, here is the process I usually go through: a rough sketch, lining, then solid color with some blush to add in cuteness. Pretty simple process, huh?

Well, short story long I'm in a role play group, where I basically play Axel and one of my other friends plays Vexen. There are other people as well, but you know just going to focus on these little cuties depicted below. Through a long and arduous journey, my OC named Casper (some of you may have seen him before in other posts) befriends my friends version of Vexen and now they are best friends for life. I would type more about their relationship and how it developed... but that would take too long and I would probably end up writing a novel just to explain everything.

Sorry for not posting regularly, but school work has just beginning to get serious.

More is in the working and until next time~

Oh! Just for a little extra:

Just a little something to add into the cuteness. Another picture of Casper in a large sweater and scarf! 

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