Thursday, November 14, 2013

Really, really late Halloween

I am really behind in seasonal pictures, so let me begin by saying sorry, then we can progress along. I decided to go a different route and didn't use Photoshop like I usually do and instead used Illustrator. I love doing vector and graphic images more so than I actually show and using Illustrator is like a wonderful dream where every line or shape is nice and clean, everything looks sleek and chic and I don't have to zoom in just to erase stray lines.

The character below, Ambroise or Ambrose (another character seen in some posts back) is a vampire and I naturally thought of showing him a little love and doing a picture of him in a somewhat stereotypical "vampire-ish" way. Instead, it ended up what is looks like below. He's still wearing the cape and his fangs are poking out and he looks gorgeous. Check, check, and check off the vampire list, but he isn't in much of a dramatic pose or being bathed in moonlight... at least he is still pretty, yes?

More to come! Until next time~

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